Wear Orange Wednesdays is not just a phrase or a hashtag or a reminder to wear your #Orange. It is all that and more. We are trying to build support for the #Orioles and a community for #Orioles fans.

We not only want you to think about wearing #Orange on Wednesdays we want to celebrate that you’re wearing #Orange.

Share your #selfies wearing your #Orange; if that’s not your thing tweet @woworioles or @CABoemmeljr that you’re wearing your #orange with the hashtag #WOWRollCall. By sharing what you are doing we can make this an #OrangeAvalanche.

You love the #Orioles or you wouldn’t be here on the website. Share that love with other #Orioles fans. Interact with us, we love to talk baseball, especially our #Orioles.

We would like to challenge all of you to share this site with at least one #Oriole fan who may not know about us. Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @WOWOrioles. Encourage at least one other #Orioles fan to do the same.


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