Woman proposes Orange Wednesday


DUNDALK, Md. – Purple Friday for the Ravens has taken off in the Baltimore area.  But are you ready for Orange Wednesdays?  One local woman thinks you should be.

Nancy Cook from Dundalk wants to start a tradition where people wear orange on Wednesdays.  She says she picked “hump day” to try and help the O’s get “over the hump.”

“I think maybe it’s better to support the person that is the underdog,” she says.  “The person that needs a lift up and I’d like to see our town turn into a supportive group and be wearing a sea of orange because I think it would give confidence to our young players.  I think it would make our older players happy.”

Cook pitched her idea to the Orioles, but got a thumbs down from the team.  So she turned to social media and hopes to gain momentum for Orange Wednesday that way.

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