Good Morning #Os fans. Today is the second #WearOrangeWednesday of the season and the #Orioles sit in first place with a record of 7-0. Social media is abuzz with #Os talk, the local media is wearing their #orange and there is excitement in the air.

What a difference nine days can make. This is certainly not Spring Training. Many in the National media who were condemning the Orioles and their pitching staff are now struggling to explain why this team is 7-0. Trust me, I know. Sirius MLB Radio is filled with talking heads who are giving props to the #Birds, but at the same time are finishing their comments with “but”. Full disclosure, I never thought we’d be 7-0, but I love it and will take that any day.

Regardless of how you feel or have predicted this team will do in 2016, you are in for one wild ride, it is going to be fun; #BuckleUp.

The offense is doing what was thought it would do and the pitching has done enough to keep the team in the game and keep the score close. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine what will happen when Adam Jones returns to the lineup! Say what you want about the front office but the early returns are that it built a team and that team is fun to watch.

Here at #WearOrangeWednesdays, we are promoting the #Birds and are trying to unite the broader community around a common goal. Since you are reading this you obviously support #WOW. The challenge now is to follow #WOW on #FaceBook and #Twitter and if you already do encourage a fellow #Orioles fan to do the same. Please help grow our numbers; there is strength in numbers. Also, on Wednesdays answer the #WOWRollCall on #Twitter by telling us you have your #orange on and are backing the Birds.

2016 looks to be a fun season and the #Orioles and #WearOrangeWednesdays want you to be a part of it. Consider showing your #Os pride by purchasing a #WOW shirt or wine glasses (click on the SHOP tab for more info) and please support our partners by frequenting and supporting their businesses and telling them that you appreciate their #OrangePride.

Our #Orioles are 7-0, who’d have thought it?!
#Orange you excited!!!!

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