Last Wednesday, 27 April 2016, I was asked by Joanne Hock to give a presentation to 35-40 senior citizens about Orange Wednesdays! Joanne had worn #Orange the previous week – and then brought me in as a surprise for them this week. 

I shared my website on their big screen with their technical help as I gave them a bit of history, our goals, how they can help and future plans! 

They were so receptive and had several good ideas we plan to work on in the short-term. 

Here’s a photo of the fun and enthusiastic group! 

Thanks again to Joanne Hock for my invitation plus sharing our partnership by bring engraved glassware we are working on that will show our logo designed by Patspsco HS student who won our logo contest a few years ago. And the photo below reflects a sample of glasses that have been engraved to be added to our SHOP tab soon. 

Loved the opportunity to meet and share my story! Thx again! ??

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