It’s no secret that the baseball season is a long one. Lasting 6 months and 162 games, it is a grind for the players, coaches and fans; it is a season of highs and lows, ebbs and flows.

Including tonight’s game, the Orioles have 22 games left in the 2016 season. Our Birds are in the #PushForThePlayoffs and are playing hard to return to the Postseason. Friday night’s loss has tightened up the standings. The Orioles currently hold the #2 Wild Card spot with the Tigers and are just 3.0 games out of 1st place in the AL East. The Yankees are nipping at our heels, 1.0 game behind in the Wild Card standings. The final 3 weeks of the season will surely be a wild rollercoaster ride! So BUCKleUp!!!

As fans we could not ask for more, the team is in contention in September and every game means so much. These are exciting times indeed!

I do sense however that the grind of the season is seeing some of the #WOW enthusiasm waning. Social media posts have decreased slightly over the past few weeks. If ever the Orioles needed “the best fans in all of baseball” they need us now. We the fans help create the home field advantage the Orioles enjoy and we NEED to continue building that advantage.

#WearOrangeWednesdays was created in part to help build that advantage and to show the #Birds that the entire town is behind them. Let’s show the team we are there for them; get your #Orange on every Wednesday and let’s paint Baltimore orange! Post your selfies, recruit a friend or two to do the same and let’s raise the excitement level. You are here because you are an Orioles fan so I know #orange is your favorite color; wear it proudly! So come on Wear Orange Wednesdays fans, it’s time to #KeepGrinding.


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