The NFL season came to a close last night with the Denver Broncos defeating the Carolina Panthers 24-10 in Super Bowl 50. This all happened after our region dug out of the deepest snowfall in MD history, #Blizzard2016, but more snow is forecast for tomorrow.

Despite the weather, this means Spring is near and ORIOLES BASEBALL is coming! It really is coming! There is photographic evidence that the equipment truck for the #Orioles has arrived at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota. Spring Training hats and jerseys have been previewed and in some cases, even purchased by fans.

While #Orange was on display last night at the Super Bowl, it will also be featured on the #Orioles Spring jerseys. You are reading this on #WOW; do you see a pattern? #Orange may very well be the color of 2016 and that means good things for our Birds.

Embrace the #Orange, Wear Orange Wednesdays. It’s a harbinger of Spring and all things #Orioles.

Baseball season is coming!

PS: Please be safe tomorrow in the snow!

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