Hoping our beloved Orioles can finish this 4-game series with Athletics with a SWEEP!  Let’s go O’s!  

Freddie Gray’s death after being arrested became the cause of a tumultuous weekend of riots and looting in several areas of Baltimore. A curfew was created and the National Guard called in at the request of the Mayor. The Baltimore Orioles were impacted first with our 3rd Anniversary game on 4/25/15 where fans were asked to remain in the Yard due to unrest and concern for their safety. Two games were postponed as unrest continued. And then came the historic game which was played with police at the gates and no fans in attendance. Caleb Joseph faked in a video signing autographs for fans and Chris Davis threw balls into the stands as well as hit a homerun on Eutaw Street. I asked fans to WEAR ORANGE to support #Baltimore and many did including most of our MASN announcers. The Tampa Bay Rays series was moved to Tropicana Field where we were the HOME TEAM. The Oriole Bird accompanied them and even performed 7th Inning Stretch Tradition along with their mascot to “Thank God I’m A Country Boy!” The Maryland States Attorney indicted the police involved in arrest which changed the nature of weekend gatherings to one of celebration and expanded support for JUSTICE FOR ALL from other cities in the US. In spite of a most stressful and depressing week for many, our curfew has been lifted and many have already begun to rebuild. I am hopeful that Orioles’ fans will look for ways to get involved and help with rebuilding and of course, support our local small businesses. Let’s go BALTIMORE not only please support our TEAM but our CITY! THANK YOU…

On Saturday, April 25th, during the 3rd inning of the Orioles vs Boston 7:05 pm game – the scoreboard will show birthdays and anniversaries. They will scroll in alphabetical order and WEAR ORANGE WEDNESDAYS – 3RD will appear near the end. I have 25 fans joining me in ORANGE to celebrate this OMAZING WOW day! We have tickets together in Section 65 and hope if you attend you will help us CHEER as it rolls by and we attempt to catch a photo for our history!!! You can be sure photos will follow. I want to specifically thank Kevin Roberts, Valerie & John Spangler, and Pat & Joy Riley for joining me on Saturday. Hoping that you will WEAR ORANGE as we continue to show our support for our beloved team at The Yard and on WEAR ORANGE WEDNESDAYS! Thanks all and GO O’s!!!

First Kids’ Opening Day was a thrill for me and believe that many families and kids thoroughly enjoyed the entire days activities. Kids were invited to join each player on the field, as well as join Buck for National Anthem while a young man sang the National Anthem. Buck and his kid presented the lineup to the umpires prior to game. Another kid was chosen to give the lineup at Oriole Park. And of course a kid was chosen to steal 2nd base at the appropriate time. Orioles Braided Necklaces were the giveaway for the day and Kids Ran the Bases after the game. A few photos are posted in 2015 Gallery. Most hope it will be repeated next season. Thanks Orioles!!!

2015 Opening Day was a terrific day except for a few things. Many were disappointed that the traditional magnetic schedule was not the giveaway but instead a Fathead Decal page. My friend, Judy Moskowitz, was looking for her magnetic schedule to add to her collection as was I. I provided the new 2015 Fathead Decal which contained a schedule to Judy and she provided me an older magnet from 2002 to use to attach my fathead decal schedule. I learned that some parents thought their kids would love the Fathead Decals. Sure hope so!!

While Bud Norris didn’t have a good outing and the O’s lost Opening Day, it was still a great day to have Orioles baseball back and looking to a great 2015 season. Sure hope your day was OMAZING!!!

Wear Orange Wednesday

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Wear Orange Wednesday

And then there were three… Three days separate Orioles players and fans alike from the 2014 baseball season. The team has made several changes to their roster over the off season. From trading and letting go of players to signing free agents, the Orioles front office has done a stellar job in getting fans excited for the season that is about to unfold.

If the team needs any more ways to get excited for the season, then they should listen to the initiative that a former Baltimore County Schools employee has created. Near the beginning of the 2012 season, Nancy Cook started what is known as “Wear Orange Wednesdays.”

Her thought process was a simple one. The entire Baltimore community takes part in “Purple Fridays” during the Ravens’ season where everyone wears purple on the Friday before a Ravens game. Cook thought the community should pay homage to the other professional sports team that is located on Russell Street with the same type of initiative.

Just like the team has become better since the start of the 2012 season, so too has Wear Orange Wednesdays. The initiative even now has an official Facebook page.


Why Wednesdays you ask? The initiative’s Facebook page explains the reason behind the selected day. It reads: “Wednesday is Hump Day and I want us to help the O’s get over the HUMP!”

WOWThrough networking, Cook has grown WOW (Wear Orange Wednesdays) and, according to MASNSports.com, she now has about a dozen volunteers helping her in her efforts to make everyone in the community to wear orange and cheer on our beloved O’s.

The Facebook page now has over 2,100 likes and Cook’s Twitter page has over 215 followers. Everyone wants to get involved in WOW any way they can, including Dempsey’s Brew Pub. Dempsey’s has been most supportive in Cook’s mission to spread the Orioles spirit.

On Wednesdays, they actually have a Orange Wednesday special on the menu. On that day, they offer customers (21 and older) Camden Crush Specials. The catch is though you must be wearing orange or some form of Orioles gear on to get the special prices. Sorry Yankee and Red Sox fans; you all have to pay for your drinks at full price.

When I first heard about this initiative, I thought it was solely for increasing the Orioles support in the community. However, once I did a little digging on what WOW was all about, I quickly found out that was only half of what WOW’s goal is.

“It is also to help reduce obesity in children by getting them back on the ball fields and eating properly,” the description of their Facebook page read.

Baseball is America’s pastime; yet as of late, it has lost its popularity for many of our country’s youth. WOW and Cook will try to change that and as the Orioles keep winning this season and become more popular, hopefully so will this initiative.

Orioles fans, listen up, Cook is giving a simple command: Wear orange on Wednesdays. So get your favorite Orioles jersey washed and dust off that Orioles cap because when the Orioles take the field this Monday and continue to shock the world this season everyone will be saying one thing…. “WOW!”

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