Tomorrow is #WearOrangeWednesdays; of course you know that, otherwise you would not be reading this. A glance at the Baltimore Orioles’ schedule says that it is the last #WOW of the regular season; I say it is NOT!

The #Orioles have 6 games remaining (3 in #Toronto and 3 in #NewYork). The outcome of those 6 games will determine the team’s fate. As of this morning, the Orioles are 1.0 games behind the #BlueJays for home field advantage in the Wild Card game and 2.0 games ahead of the #Tigers for the #WildCard. #Seattle and #Houston are also lurking. The task at hand is to win, nothing more, nothing less. Toronto ends their season in #Boston for 3 games and the Tigers finish out in #Atlanta once their 3 remaining games with the #Indians are done. Bottom line is, “Win and we’re in!”. I foresee a wild, tense and exciting week.

No matter what transpires over these next 6 days, good or bad, win or lose, next Wednesday (Oct. 5th) NEEDS to be a #WearOrangeWednesdays. We will either be enjoying an off-day prior to the start of the #ALDS or we will be reflecting on the 2016 season (heaven forbid). Either way, Orioles fans should make it a most #OMazing #WearOrangeWednesdays; show this team how much we are behind them and how much we appreciate all they have done in 2016!

#BUCKleUp O’s fans, it’s going to be an exciting end to the regular season!


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