In an article posted on October 7th, Childs Walker of the Baltimore Sun details the decision made by Orioles legend Brooks Robinson to auction off a major portion (240 items) of his personal memorabilia. In summary, Brooks and his wife Connie are doing this not out of any great financial need but rather in an effort to give back for the many blessings they have received in their life. The proceeds from the auction will go to the Constance and Brooks Robinson Foundation where ultimately the money will support many charities; some of which I am sure are Baltimore based. Here’s the link to Childs’ article:

Orioles fans can help out by visiting Heritage Auctions and bidding on some of the items. The auction is active and will end on November 6th. While not for everyone, this auction will allow Orioles fans to own a piece of Orioles history while helping charity. Brooks did so much for us as fans now is our chance to help his Foundation.

The items can be viewed here:



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