chuck-collage-for-blogAt approximately 11:35 pm last Tuesday, the Baltimore Orioles season came to an abrupt and heartbreaking end in Toronto. Along with the end of the season, came an end to the formal #WearOrangeWednesdays for the 2016 season. As I reflect on my second year of promoting and tweeting #WearOrangeWednesdays I would like to pen a thank you to a very integral part of our efforts, the Baltimore TV Media.

All of you in the media have been receptive, warm, friendly and supportive of Nancy, myself and the weekly tweets reminding you to wear #Orange. Our weekly interactions and in some cases more frequently than weekly have been wonderful. I thank all of you for accepting our passion and love for the #Orioles. You do not know how much it means to an effort like this to have you on board and supporting #WearOrangeWednesdays…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

I came to realize that this is something you all enjoyed being a part of once I started receiving tweets from you showing me your #Orange; that was simply #OMazing and let me know in a small way that I was not an annoyance each week (although I do think one of you muted me over my “passion”).

Thank you for allowing me to populate your timelines with reminders and for the conversations and interactions we have shared. Baltimore and the entire region is very lucky to have people like each and every one of you in the community. I am privileged that you have allowed me to make your acquaintance; THANK YOU again!

To all of you, I extend a heartfelt THANK YOU for all you have done for #WOW, be it week after week, occasionally or even by wearing a “close shade.” You and your efforts are so very appreciated!

I will not be going away; I will continue interacting with you if you allow me and I will be right back in 2017 with the weekly #WearOrangeWednesdays reminders for our #Orioles.

You are an amazing group of people. THANK YOU for sharing your love of the #Orioles with all of us.

I will not attempt to list you all individually as I am certain I will unintentionally leave someone out. I will say, however, to anyone in front of the camera, behind the camera or behind the scenes at ABC 2, FOX 45, MASN STUDIOS, WBAL and WJZ THANK YOU for your support of #WearOrangeWednesdays! You mean so much to Nancy and me.

You are an awesome group!

Thank You again.


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