This morning on #GMM2, Co-Anchor Charley Crowson announced that this Friday will be his last day on the air after a 5 1/2 year tenure in Baltimore. He will be returning to his home state of Arkansas for a new chapter in his life.

This news came a quite a surprise to us at as Charley has been a good friend and supporter of #WOW. While his leaving is sad we are happy for him that he is able to return home to explore more pursuits in life. Hopefully he will carry warm memories of Baltimore with him to Arkansas and will continue to #BackTheBirds. Our fingers are crossed that some #Orange will find it’s way into his wardrobe on Wednesdays (maybe even a little #purple on Fridays).

I first made acquaintance with Charley a little over a year ago when I began helping Nancy Cook with the social media (#Twitter) aspect of #WOW. Charley was always polite and engaging and never treated me like I was a troll or just looking for a retweet. We stayed in touch all throughout the year and discussed many topics; he and I even share a fondness for #Crocs. I always found Charley to be friendly, genuine and not one to take himself too seriously. His love of sports always came through in our interactions. Weekday mornings, especially Wednesday mornings will be different without him on the air.

I am confident that Charley will find success in whatever path he follows in the future. Enjoy your daughter, your home, your family and whatever lies ahead for you in life. #WOW will miss your support and I am happy to have made your acquaintance sir.


Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. ~Garrison Keillor

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