This past Wednesday was the first non-#WearOrangeWednesday since April 5th. Today is the second non-#WearOrangeWednesday since then.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I still gravitated towards the part of my closet with my #orange polo shirts when getting ready for work; changing habits is difficult.  All Orioles fans had hoped that the team would be playing meaningful baseball games in October but that was not meant to be.

Aside from the fans, a big part of the effort is how the Baltimore media sets the tone each Wednesday morning. If it were not for them #WOW may not have the reach that it does.

I would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the members of the media at ABC2, FOX45, WBAL, and WJZ.  Thank you so much for tolerating me and my many tweets each Tuesday reminding you to break out your #orange.  I am sure some of you may shake your head at the enthusiasm shown each week and might even wish that I could be muted but you accepted it and even embraced it.

Your support for the Orioles and #WearOrangeWednesday is tremendous and we CANNOT say THANK YOU enough!  We at #WearOrangeWednesday value your support, are extremely grateful for it and hope it continues.

I would personally like to recognize Megan Knight, Lauren Cook, Lynette Charles, Christian Schaffer and Brendan McNamara at ABC2, Megan Gilliland, Patrice Sanders, Candace Dold, Amy Aaronson, Jonathan Myers and Tom Rodgers of FOX45, Mindy Basara, Megan Pringle, Lacee Griffith, Ava Marie and Jason Newton of WBAL, as well as Linh Bui, Sharon Gibala, Kristy Breslin, Mary Bubala, Jessica Kartalija, Ron Matz, Mike Schuh and Marty Bass of WJZ for being there to support us each and every week of the season.  I also want to mention and recognize Sarah Caldwell for all she did to support #WearOrangeWednesday prior to leaving WBAL.  I hope that I left no one out; if I did it was not intentional in any way!

I feel privileged to have gotten to know some of you in a small way.  I’ve learned that some of you root for other teams and won’t do #WOW because of that.  I respect that and admire how you stick with your team; isn’t that what being a fan truly is?  I admire those of you what have supported us despite having your “own” team.  I learned that some of you only wear #orange on “home” Wednesdays and I tried to adapt that into my many friendly reminders.  I have also thoroughly enjoyed the conversations that I have about the Orioles with some of you.  THANK YOU ALL!

We look forward to the 2018 season and your continued involvement and our goal is to expand the interaction into the afternoon and evening.  There are a few personalities (Ashley) we would like to see in #Orange at least once.

Finally, to the Baltimore media, THANK YOU again, you all are #OMazing!!!!


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