The 2015 ALCS kicks off tonight in Kansas City, MS at Kauffman Stadium when the Royals play host to the Toronto Blue Jays. Each team reached this point by overcoming the underdog in the ALDS; Toronto by winning 3 in a row and Kansas City by winning 2 in a row.

This matchup may prove to be problematic for Orioles fans as Kansas City swept the Birds in the 2014 ALCS while irritating many with their mouths and antics. The Blue Jays have become the bully of the AL and feel slighted and offended when teams/players do something they don’t like.

My question is this, Orioles fans: Who are you rooting for in the ALCS or do you even care? Personally, I am only watching this series to see what I believe will be the inevitable brawl between the two teams. Trust me, the Blue Jays will be offended by the Royals which will lead to histrionics and a bench-clearing brawl (or two). I don’t like either team and could care less who wins. My #OrangeFever will not allow me to root for either of these teams.

I am all in on the Cubs this year; Marty McFly can’t be wrong, can he? #FlyTheW.

Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts.

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